Caps are ready!

We now have a bunch of these ready to ship!

DiscoFreq inclusion

A big thank you to DiscoFreq’s FX Site for including Syndromet FX on their massive list of pedal builders. Check them out, like them on facebook or follow them on twitter for all the latest guitar effects news. Seriously, do it!


We at Syndromet FX wishes you all a happy new year! It’s gonna be a great year! Expect to see and hear lots more Syndromet FX stuff.


This page now have a new layout. I’ve also been working on a webshop, which should be ready about the same time as the first pedals. All writing will be in English from now on, as I have gotten a lot of requests from people outside of Norway lately. I have been working on an official press release regarding Syndromet …

Første prototyper så godt som klare!

Slik kommer herlighetene til å se ut! Hva syntes dere? Video kommer etterhvert.  


Mens jeg venter på tilgang til en brukbar printer, nyter vi dagen slik:

Først prøvetur med tele-pickuppene!

Prototypene på nye telepickupper er ferdig, og her er resultatet!